I’m back! For 11+ years I wrote the technology column “Click Chick” for the local newspaper, and had to take a hiatus as the print industry went downhill and they had to get rid of a bunch of us columnists, not to mention I had a brush with cancer. I have now returned as “Cyber Diva,” and what a better way to start with my top Christmas gadget ideas for 2019! It is right around the corner and I do not feel ready, however I want to share some things that enhanced my life this past year, and some other goodies that I wouldn’t mind having under my Christmas tree.

Bose SoundSport Free Headphones

Bose SoundSport FreeAs an avid runner, hiker and all-around active individual, I’ve been using these headphones for over six months now, and I absolutely love them. There are no wires to contend with and they go straight into your ears. Sure, I have the AirPods that came with my iPhone 11 Pro, but they just do not feel comfortable to me. The SoundSport Free has a good hassle-free fit, feels tighter with a better seal, which makes the sound quality much better without having to turn the volume all the way up. Plus you’ll actually see five hours of battery life, which is almost (but not quite) enough to complete an entire marathon.

In addition, the SoundSport Free has an IPX4 rating to resist sweat and water/rain, and has volume and playback control buttons without having to do voice control.  I do admit that it took me a little while to adapt to having something sticking out of my ears, but I became used to it quickly. It’s much better than having a cord bouncing around or getting tangled in my hair. These are now my favorite headphones. You can find them for $169 at Amazon, Bose, Target, Walmart or Best Buy.


iOttie One Touch 4

The iOttie One Touch 4 is the best mobile phone car mount I ever owned, as it keeps my phone in-place, and makes it easy to take quick glances at while on the road. Where I live, it’s a $300 ticket if you’re caught with your phone in-hand even if you’re at a stoplight, sitting in traffic, or parked with the engine running. I do not text and drive or advocate it, but I do use my phone for the Maps program to navigate my way around, or use it to listen to Podcasts or music, so this is a perfect solution to avoid my phone touching my hand.

You can mount the iOttie One Touch 4 where you want since it sticks with a very strong suction cup (completely safe for your dashboard). That is one of my favorite things about it since I’m not a big fan of the vent-mounted holders. It is easy to get your phone in with the locking side arms and Easy One Touch Trigger button, and the telescopic arm pivots to a 225° arc to meet your desired viewing angle. Make this one of your top gadgets for Christmas at Amazon for $15.76.


TOPVISION 2200A Battery Starter/Charger

I recently bought two TOPVISION 2200A Battery Starters to replace the Genius Boosts kept in the cars. It turned out to be a good replacement since it can start a completely dead car battery at least four times with a full charge (versus two times with my old Genius Boost), not to mention the brighter built-in LED flashlight.

A nice feature on the TOPVISION 2200A is it comes with a screen with a built-in voltmeter. It’s as simple as plugging it into the car and starting it, even completely dead batteries. As a four-in-one device, it can also be your backup battery charger for your phone or tablet, an LED flashlight or an S.O.S. lighting stick. It also comes with safety features that has a built-in protection circuit that provides over-current, short circuit, over-load, over-voltage and over-charge protections. This is a must-have item to keep in the back of your car for emergencies and on your gift list. It goes for $92 on Amazon.