Front DoorWith the holidays here, the United States Postal Service and all the respective delivery companies will be significantly busier than normal as an increased amount of packages are left at doorsteps. This equates to a candy store for thieves snatching these boxes off your porches (also known as porch pirates). Here are a few ideas to get rid of porch pirates, especially if you live in an area where porches get often raided.

  1. Send your package to a neighbor. Ask a neighbor friend that you trust, and know is often home to receive your packages – use their address as a shipping address.
  2. Ship to FedEx Office or local store. If your package is arriving via FedEx, your box can be held at the local FedEx office. Additionally, FedEx has partnered with nearly 9,000 stores including Walgreens, Kroger, Rite Aid and Albertsons.
  3. Unlock the door for the delivery person. If it’s an Amazon package and you have a supported smart lock on your door, you can use Amazon Key for Home to remotely unlock your door so the delivery person can slide it directly into your house. You’ll need the Key by Amazon app, along with a Key Smart Lock Kit, then you can then select “Free In-Home Delivery” at checkout. You’ll receive notifications up to its arrival and watch the delivery live from your Key app. Similarly, with Garage Delivery, you can have it delivered inside your garage by remotely opening your garage.

  4. Send packages to your car. Yes, your car. Only if it’s an Amazon package and you have the Amazon Key in-Car Delivery. Similar to Amazon Key for Home, Amazon Key in-Car allows you to remotely unlock your doors. This is supported with 2015 model years or newer on Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Volvo, Ford, Lincoln, Honda and Acura. And of course, your car needs to be at the correct address.

  5. Install heavy-duty security cameras. When our car was hit on the street a couple of years ago, the driver did not stop to leave a note, but he was so drunk he left his bumper and grill (with an engraved VIN number), so we figured out who it was fairly easily. I know that we cannot be lucky all the time like that, but that prompted us to upgrade our camera system. Our 4K cameras will catch any porch pirates or incidents that happen on the street. Plus, having some serious looking cameras is a deterrent to hopefully get rid of porch pirates.

Here’s my favorite anti-porch pirate video “Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap:”