Facebook Takes Step Towards Data Portability

Facebook is releasing a tool that will enable its users to transfer Facebook photos and videos directly to other services, beginning with Google Photos.

If you use Facebook as your photo repository, the new photo tool will allow you transfer photos to Google, and your transferred  photos will be encrypted. This tool is based on code developed from the Data Transfer Project, an open-source platform supported by Facebook, Google, Apple, Windows and Twitter. The concept behind this is you can move your data from one service to another with no roadblocks.

For now being able to transfer photos to Google from Facebook is the limitation. The company’s blog mentioned the tool will launch first in Ireland, and will roll out worldwide in 2020. I did not see any details as to what services will be provided next or a timeline when more will be added. In the meantime, keep an eye out in your Facebook settings to see when the capability to transfer photos to Google becomes available.